Thursday, May 28, 2020
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VV.AA.: DElecTROnIcT v03

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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: DElecTROnIcT v03
Format: CD
Label: Detroit Electronica Coalition (@)
Rated: *****
DElecTROnIcT V03 is a compilation of homegrown bands from Detroit’s electro scene. The sound and style is broad, covering genres from darkwave to noise, and everything in-between. While I enjoy a few of these band’s offerings, as a whole this compilation was a chore to listen to. A few of these songs have caught in my mind, but they are catchy more through repeated listening than by pleasure or enjoyment.

I really hate to sound harsh, because a lot of these bands do have potential to go somewhere, but even the best bands on this compilation are diamonds in the rough. With that said, I like the concept of the band Toybreaker. Their contribution, "Path of logical," is composed of layers of broken toys (as their name implies) distorted and warped into a solid and enjoyable powernoise sound. CEOXiME’s "Dirty and useless," remixed by Silvercord, proved itself infectious with its dark, jazzy, downbeat sound. Also, Mutual hate society caught my attention with their track, "Blueberry tart." This track has a fun, catchy sound and attitude, with fragile Switchblade Symphonesque vocals. I found myself skipping to these three tracks more often than not. These bands are good indications that Detroit does have something to offer. I look forward to hearing more from them, and will be going out of my way to do so.

DElecTROnIcT V03 is not, overall, an enjoyable listen. There are some bands on this compilation with quite a bit of potential. However, I found myself bopping along to the sheer redundancy of most of the songs or, more often, just skipping to the next track. In my opinion, this compilation would do well in Detroit’s scene, sold at shows and given to locals/fans. To print and distribute this CD for sale on an international level might be a little too hopeful.