Monday, September 28, 2020
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Das Ich: Anti'Christ

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Artist: Das Ich
Title: Anti'Christ
Format: CD
Label: Massacre (germany),Metropolis (USA) (@)
Das Ich is and has always been a very strange, yet powerfully magnetic part of the gothic/industrial scene. Led by Stephan Ackerman's rough German vocals and poetic text, followed by Brunno Kramm's one man symphony of classical and industrial, they are a force to be reckoned with, as "Anti'Christ" very well proves.
Remember all the dancy clubiness of "Destilat"? Well, none of it here! The Wagnerian opera is fully at the front, and industrial dancing with it as it's chaotic mate. The text,as with all Das Ich, is very flowing German in a "Thus Spoke Zarathustra" kind of way. Highlights are "Vater (Father)","Tuhr Zum Holle (Gate To Hell)" and "Krieg Im Paradise (War In Paradise). And no filler on this like with "Egodram", where the second half seemed to be rushed.
The religious aspect here comes as "What do I do now that God is no more?" rather than "Grrrr,we're evil!Rah rah Satan!" like alot of bands tackling the issue tend to do.

This is a definite reccomendation for a band who displays the awe-inspiring power of opera, industrial and the German language all in one majestic piece. Also recommended are Staub (Dust) and Relaborat (Re-Animate). Rating:10+


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