Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: THE BUILD ZER (@)
Format: 12"
Distributor: N/A
the build zer comes from enna, sicily, and "TO MILK A DUCK" is the first "official" release the
performer decided to publish so far.
4 tracks of pure, amazing and original drum 'n bass enforced with a well-done production
and a pretty good layout and graphic.
the artist himself is a producer and skilled sound engineer and, while explaining his will and hope
for his future in music biz through the mini interview he had kindly granted to me, i realized that he really would like to elevate italian jungle scene in quality and in originality.
the vinyl make your body moves, do not think to be in front of the classic demotape recorded via
fastracker or shit like that.....every single sound is clear and melodies does its part int he
whole contest.
if you'd like to find out something wrong, well maybe song's lenght is not the best effort, 2 out of 4 go over 6 minutes....
starting with GREEN MOTE, a jungle beat mid tempo with nice noizes and sampling in the air,then you can taste the wonderful experiment of DETH IGNITION, an hard bass tempo which will make you jump all around or UNPLEACKED BREACKIN UP, maybe the most classic drum n' bass song of the four.
very close to some GROOVERIDER or KLUTE PRODUCTION'S releases,THE BUILD ZER is a name the most of electronic music listeners shall remember, since he got the chance to became a real and professional outsider for the italian electronic movement.


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