Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Chris Fortier
Title: Bedrock "Compiled and Mixed"
Format: CDx2 (double CD)
Label: Bedrock (@)
Distributor: Pioneer Music
Hard-working and successful, internationally acclaimed and respected, pioneering but humble, Orlando-based spinner/remixer/producer and frequent traveller (airlines must love him) Chris Fortier is a leader in the progressive-house scene and an example to follow for many in the past and many to come (hopefully). I take my hat off for he is a great guy and an utterly active person (if more musicians, and I mean from every possible musical genre, would work the way he does, the music scene would be much stronger today!). He founded Fade records with Neil Kolo (they were the one who remixed the best-selling Sarah McLachlan single "Silence" by FLA's side-project Delerium; and they are also responsible for a Balligomingo remix - cmp review on these pages) as well as the internationally respected import DJ pool and promoter/booking agency Balance Promote Group together with Jimmy Van M (Eros Euphony/Freelance Icebreakers). Another huge name that has to be mentioned in conjunction with Fortier's is John Digweed, in fact this double mix CD comes out as the third chapter in his label's series "Compiled and Mixed". A selection of rare, exclusive, hard to find and even unreleased numbers by Universal Agents, Kolo, Dearboy, Steve Porter, Coco da Silva, Meat Katie, Angel Moraes, Jay Tripwire, BLH3 among others. Spacey yet solid avantguard house tunes with floating, soft, atmospheric and almost ethereal synth pads and reso lines, lots of vocal samples and snippets, progressive cutting-edge rhythmical repetitiveness, never commercial, always enjoyable. Relentless in his music as in his life. Great release. Came out a week ago (June 11th) in association with Pioneer records so hurry up.


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