Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Devour Ensemble (@)
Title: The Moon's Bright 3rd
Format: CD EP
Label: Surreal Estate records
Distributor: Chaos Music
Straight from across the Pacific Ocean, in the sunny home of ossies and the hopping kangaroos, this 1998 Australian duo (supported by a number of other musicians) called Devour Ensemble offers a contemporary, fresh and beautiful blend of classical, doom, new wave, baroque, dark and folkish/celtic music. Educated influences such as Nick Cave, Philip Glass, David Sylvan, Artemiy Artemiev, Zoar, Tom Waits, My Dying Bride, Gabor Csupo and many others immediately populated my mind... The band also mentions composers Gustav Holst, Antonin Dvorak and Michael Nyman to help give you a vague an idea. The five polished tracks flow harmoniously, seeking a sophisticated balance somewhere between the 4AD-style musical paganism with violins, string orchestrations and other acoustic instruments and the darker and swampy atmospheres of distorted doom metal guitars, slow and grand rhythmical peace and avantgarde experimentalism, sometimes coupled by a weird, displaced and upsetting but not annoying 80es rock and even sporadic blues influence.
Also important aspect of the Bridges-Cook core is their attachment to modern poetry: adaptations of works by deconstructionist pioneer e.e. cummings, convicted murderer Charles Schmidt Jnr. and Siberian-born Lithuanian Eugenijus Ali-Anka are used as lyrics throughout the pieces (male vocals and some ethereal female falsetto chants).
Devour Ensemble have self-released this well-produced CD EP on their own somewhat fictitious label Surreal Estate and they are now in the process of recording their upcoming EP "Wolverine". In the meantime you can order "The Moon's Bright 3rd" from the Chaos Music link reported above.


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