Wednesday, June 3, 2020
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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Moonlight Corporation
Format: CD
Label: Sector 19 (@)
Distributor: Sector 19
This release by the independent Sector19 features industrial musicians from the US, UK, Italy, Germany, Belgium and France. It opens with a track from the French group Jailbird which sounds amazingly like The Young Gods. The second track is by the industrial rap group SMP which have gained quite a bit of notoriety on the Net of late and have had music featured in various public spots as well. Projeria is more of a hard driving beat heavy industrial pounding with a bit of Noise influence. Aiboforcen has been featured on many indie comps lately and it's easy to see why. They combine elements of Industrial, Synthpop and EBM into a sort of futuristic pop sound. Six Past Seven combines some heavy Noise influences with Industrial throb and repition. Mouth of Indifference combines Industrial with a sort of trip-hop and ambient feel. Chaos Engine, a mainstay of Wasp Factory Recordings, is an Industrial rock group which sometimes reminds me of Sex Gang Children with their dark and nearly punk elements. System 81 creates a sort of cyber-noise ambient texture. Arkam Asylum, also on Wasp Factory, is also industrial rock but having more of a sound that reflects what might happen if you combined Alien Sex Fiend with Marilyn Manson. Mneumonic takes into a more Front Line Assembly like territory with "Human Fragments" which combines elements of the cyber sound with drum-n-bass and other elements known to the FLA sound like the dark whispery vocals. Tin.RP is ambient Noise. Mind Flux is metal industrial with grovelly vocals and caustic overtones. St. John's Eve is also a Noise track with lots of distorted vocals and an overall mellow and very dark tone. Monoid is the side project of Martin Steinebach also known for his industrial ritual project Conscientia Peccati. However, Monoid deals more with the hard beat and distortion aspects of Industrial music but also contains some tonal and atmospheric elements. The song by AutoCad is very digitalia and Kraftwerkian in it's overall structure. Reminds me somewhat of Trans Europe Express for some reason. Silencer is anything but, it is Noise - loud and chaotic. This second track by Jailbird is very different from the first and is more Gothic in general overtone.