Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Artist: SOPHIA (@)
Title: Spite
Format: CD
Label: Cold Meat Industry (@)
Distributor: Audioglobe
Sophia is, with Arcana, one of Peter Pettersson's projects and while the second one is more concentrated on classical atmospheres, Arcana has a "industrial/military" sound structure and I assure you that SPITE is really powerful! The eight tracks of the CD (the seventh, "Stained", and the eight, which is an hidden track, have been recorded live in Bochum on December 2001) have got as main structure powerful percussive sounds along brass or strings and are capable of overloading your nervous system because they are: tense, hypnotic and sick. If you have not idea of what it could sound, try to imagine an evil version of the first Laibach: the ones which were shouting songs like "Brat Moj". As reported on the label presentation: "Evolving the theme of spite certainly spawns anger. Here the rhythmical pounding, a bit more tasty clinical than before, spews forth a scary atmosphere and the oppressive walls of heavy string arrangements fuels the picture of an imaginary, personal hell". Really amazing...