Saturday, July 11, 2020
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AZOIKUM: Gossenfotze

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Artist: AZOIKUM (@)
Title: Gossenfotze
Format: CD
Label: Spatter (@)
Some brutal and sick stuff goin' on here. Azoikum is the other project of the German unit Narbenerde, who has just released a full-length cd on Art Konkret and a limited cdr on Spatter as well. While Narbenerde should be more into harsh noise, Azoikum is a letal mix of power electronics, harsh noise (see track 4) and some rare atmospheric parts (not quiet at all, anyway). Tracks are fairly long (10 x 64') but manage to be BOTH obsessive AND well structured, so torture fortunately doesn't become a bore. Heavy doses of repetitive synth patterns, feedback galore and low-pitched filtered vocals. The best parts alternate static death-like drones with full-on noise explosions. Lyrics are not included, but judging from titles and samples there's an anorexia/bulimia concept behind most of them. The cd-r comes, like all Spatter releases till now, in a DVD box, and is limited to a mere 100, probably already selling out. Cover features a female cadaver, back a cunt full of worms. Again, sick and brutal are key-words here.


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