Tuesday, June 2, 2020
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ILIOS: Encyclopedia_rw

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Artist: ILIOS
Title: Encyclopedia_rw
Format: CD
Label: Antifrost
Distributor: Mdos.at (Austria/worldwide), Metamkine (Fr), Anomalous (USA)
Rated: *****
The label press sheet defines it "some kind of jubilee": Ilios' third album "Encyclopedia", here revisited by a bunch of fellow artists, was released in 1993, and this is Antifrost's 20th cd. The list of contributors is quite impressive, but unfortunately the result is frankly not that great. As I don't know the original material by this Greek experimental soundmaker, I can only judge by the results - "Encyclopedia_rw" mostly deals with harsh digital noise, but not particularly outstanding or appealing. Mattin and Daniel Menche go for the throat and offer some loud & mean frequencies, but the other noisemakers (including experts like Jazzkammer and Karkowski) just don't do very good noise. The hyper-minimalist, "silent" part of the cd is definitely better: Francisco López, Xabier Erkizia, Coti K., Anla Courtis (ex-Reynols) and Joe Colley all revisit Ilios' material in more personal and interesting environmental/droning/lowercase variations; also nice are Jason Kahn's and Marc Behren's digital microscopies. But as a whole, especially considering the status of most names involved, this is a merely decent cd: the bad part is mediocre, and the good one is not particularly thrilling either.