Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: La 'Nvidia
Format: 12"
Label: Neuropa (@)
Rated: *****
Good news from Der Feuerkreiner, an Italian duo who had released a surprisingly good debut cd on Runes&Men/Misty Circles some time ago (see archive). This 4-track, 23-minute 12" ep is released by Neuropa, specialized in limited vinyls from the industrial/martial/power electronics area. They have dropped the few hard-EBM influences they had, and maybe added some more openly melodic and wave-ish ones. DF still draw most of their influences from The Moon Lay Hidden Beneath a Cloud/Der Blutarsch, but adding a good dose of personality and, luckily, not indulging in the abused militaria/WWII/European decline iconography. They're also quite successful in using only electronic/programmed sounds, which could be a handicap in this style, without adding any additional sample. Valentina's voice is still one of their strongest points, and the decadent, melancholic melodies she creates also reminded me of Kirlian Camera's "Schmerz". The title track, though, is the exhilarating cover of a popular anti-evil eye song, with upbeat percussions and frantic vocals sung in the local dialect of Piceno. One of the few interesting projects in the martial industrial field.