Friday, June 5, 2020
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Title: Flowing Ashes
Format: CD
Label: Alarming Echo Beats
Rated: *****
Though he's only recently surfaced in the dark ambient/industrial underground, Gabriele Panci has probably been busy shaping his project in the last few years, because he's now offering some sturdy, well composed music. "Flowing ashes" is his first release on Alarming Echo Beats, and it's probably my favourite among his cdrs. Three long tracks, all very cohesive and flowing, though exploring different nuances of the dark ambient style. The especially well-done "Vision of scourge" is more drone/electronic oriented, with hypnotic circular loops and huge mind-numbing drones; my fave track for sure. "Ritual over ruin" is more industrial-tinged, ridden by pitch-shifted vocal samples and cavernous throbs, a style which NRT is further exploring in other releases (as the one on God Is Myth). "Ashes", on the other hand, closes the work in a less claustrophobic way, indulging in a depressive Caul-esque melody. What I like most is that, though desolate and nocturnal, this cd has also a kind of emotional grasp on the listener. Ok, New Risen Throne is not creating anything new, this is totally classic and "patented" dark ambient - think of Lustmord's "Heresy"/"The place...", the Troum/Yen Pox collaboration, or some Caul. But it's also very very difficult to put together some dark ambient this well. I'd easily see this little gem in the catalogue of labels like Eibon or Malignant.