Wednesday, September 30, 2020
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Title: The first floor / The puddle ep
Format: CD
Label: TIBprod (@)
Rated: *****
Paolo Veneziani is an Italian electronic musician who has lately focused his activities on graphic design, while still releasing music now and then, as in a recent mp3 release on TIBprod. TIBprod itself re-releases Veneziani's early compositions, namely "The first floor" (1996-1997, 6-track cdr) and "The puddle ep" (1996, 4-track cdr), with a new layout. Considering that they were conceived and played quite a while ago, I think they've grown up quite well - Veneziani's ambient electronica is not my cup of tea, but it still has interesting edges that make the listening experience worthwhile. Imagine a mix of synth-driven cosmic ambient, minimal beats and some more recognizable soft melodies, and you'll get the picture.


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