Monday, June 1, 2020
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MARK LANE: Creepy Weepy

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Title: Creepy Weepy
Format: CD
Label: Metawave Classix (@)
Rated: *****
It's the first time I listen to Mark Lane's music and I've got to say that I'm pleasant surprised. Even if he was active in early eighties I never had the occasion of trying his music and this is strange, because his tunes sometimes remember me of early John Foxx stuff (see the vocal use and the melodies on "Creepy a la weepy"). I know that I should give you more references but listening to CREEPY WEEPY I realize that even if you can hear here and there echoes of Residents (because of the oblique approach Mark has with melodies and sounds) and early Thomas Leer, Mark has got his own style. Also listening to his version of Gary Numan's "Praying to the aliens" his personal music made of few synthetic sounds and his voice which sounds as he's an alien in a foreign land make it sound like the song isn't a cover. The album as the old vinyl records lasts only thirty seven minutes but the listener has got all the time he needs to appreciate this particular musician who's able of experimenting with melodies keeping the song structure personal and fresh.