Saturday, September 19, 2020
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Artist: Steinbruechel
Title: Zwischen.raum
Format: 3" Mini CD
Label: Domizil (@)
Distributor: Dense
Pretty much your average Staalplaat record, only this time it is Swiss label Domizil (house/location, in german), sent to us by german promoter Dense. I am extremely glad that finally some stuff is coming in from Switzerland, my home country. No rhythm (except for the «rhythm that emerges only out of the nothingness of the silence»), only discontinued found sounds and digital noises, interrupted by silence, whether it be silence within a composition or silence between two pieces). I especially like Domizil's description when they say that «calmly flowing, the sound is capturing a space, then it is compressed and swings in an intensity that leads the listener to the inside of the sounds»: it's one of those times where it's useless to look for better words when the one we got do already perfectly describe it. This Swiss artist, using the moniker of Steinbruechel, has been around since '96 and has released various 7"'s, CDR's and one LP. The person behind the project also runs the Synchron label. S/he makes a rule out of the process of looking for sounds and utilizing them in a certain way, without forgetting aesthetics, you'll never get scared by a burst of improvise loud noise, you'll rather be floating in the wavy white environment that these soft hi pitched sound produce, eventually bouncing off the complex and asymmetrical webbed structures and patterns that he (or she?) has prepared and is developing under you. The nice art work helps imagination. "Zwischen.ram" (space in between, in german) is a 19 tracks 3" CD that you should check out only if you are open minded enough for light but highly experimental collages.
PS On their website you will also find a web only remix (in the mp3 section). Also check out the very cool flash website of the band!


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