Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Lucid Dementia
Title: Twisted
Format: CD
Having heard and reviewed Lucid Dementia's newest CD, "The List", and having been quite impressed with it (one of the best electro-industrial releases I've heard in a long time), I was anxious to hear the band's previous LP and see where they came from. Well, LD was gracious enough to supply me with a copy of it so I could check out the band's roots. You can definitely see the evolution and the fact that the band wasn't content to stagnate. "Twisted" is, admittedly, not as polished or sleek as "The List", which is a little more complex; however, "Twisted" strikes me as a darker, more gothic, side of Lucid Dementia. Like Nitzer Ebb or Fixmer/McCarthy, much of "Twisted" is somewhat minimalist in flavor, and requires a little more patience on the part of the listener because it's more progressive in nature, in that you have to let the atmosphere of the music seep into your bones. Once you settle in with the mid-tempo industrial beats, the evil Muppet vocals (remember, Lucid Dementia, aka Lucy, a six foot puppet, is the lead singer), the deep gothic ambience, the edgy lyrics and the striking originality, you'll realize you've found a bit of a treat in the watered-down industrial genre. Here the underground has yielded up a jewel in the form of Lucid Dementia, the band whose existence justifies the existence of the electro-industrial genre. Dark, spartan and pulsing, aggressive AND playful (so beware), "Twisted" shows the shadowy, gothic beginnings of a band that would explode into the full form of its genius on "The List."


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