Monday, September 28, 2020
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VV.AA.: Electro-Age 1 (The Awakening)

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Artist: VV.AA.
Title: Electro-Age 1 (The Awakening)
Format: CD
Label: Latex Records
Electro-Age 1 (The Awakening) is the first release by Latex Records and is, I quote, "the beginning of a compilation series by RhythmUS Network which features electronic artistts of various genres whose music relates to a spirituality theme ... alternative music of ritual, magic, myth and transformation of consciousness." I must say, some of this industrial is thick and dark and bleongs on the shelf next to, say , Front Line Assembly. However, your ears will also be surprised by, for example, subdued tribal/ambient, thick but trancy EBM/synthpop, chilled beats over ambient melodies, dark and Spartan industrial vaguely reminiscent of NIN meets synthpop, tribal/world music industrial and more. While the collection is somewhat eclectic, it isn't so much so that an even flow is disrupted. Rather, the multi-faceted aspect of this compilation makes it a heady piece of electronic listening that covers a broad range of styles but within a certain sphere of musical intent. Well done selection of moody, shadowy electro-industrial.


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