Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: Urn
Title: Desecrated Ashes
Format: CD
You can detect several things going on in Urn's layered industrial goth rock as presented on the CD "Desecrated Ashes". Mid-tempo guitar grooves provide a pulse while keyboards add to the layering. The percussion joins the rhythm nicely and the vocals bring in even more dynamics with the male/female switchup. A nice gothy mood permeates the music, and it is enhanced by a strong sense of theatricality. In addition to the subdued goth metal tone, you can sense a certain folkiness (like unto what you might encounter in some power metal acts, though it's the mood, not the music, that is common to urn and aforementioned power players). Atmosphere seems to be the name of the game as the guitars provide the heaviness and the keyboards supply the ambience, with the drums even going a little ethno from time to time. The two vocalists compliment each other fairly well. Ultimately you get the sense of listening to a rock fantasy opera (which is likely the point). The main complaint I would offer is a certain flatness to the sound. One wishes for more lushness in a style like this. However, all told, if you like the Lacuna Coil approach to metal, Urn is a band to check out.


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