Monday, September 28, 2020
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Artist: phoenix/NEBULIN
Title: Distanza
Format: CD
I like industrial but it is sadly often a boring and watered down genre. Meet phoenix/NEBULIN, a band that does something to alleviate the problem a little. Blending the driving guitars of industrial metal with the teflon textures of the electronic side of the genre, p/N's "Distanza" finds a happy level of the two and fuses them together into a fairly sleek industrial construct. Juxtaposing rocky, heavy moments with softer, more electro stretches, and topping it all off with some rock-n-roll female vocals, p/N puts together some industrial metal that really can get you jamming and forgetting all those other generic acts that make me dispirited at the state of music. One thing that really helps is the infusion of melody. You find a lot of melody on the EBM side, naturally, but that's often little more than watered down vocal trance. You find some great energy on the metal/guitar side, but it's often sorely repetitive. "Distanza" presents a meeting ground of the two with melodies that are exactly what's needed to keep this cocky but sometimes moody dose of industrial going. Nice move from an underground band.


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