Tuesday, October 20, 2020
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Artist: MURMER (@)
Title: murmer
Format: CD
Label: Bake Records
Distributor: Staalplaat
Murmer uses as sound sources different field recordings which are manipulated, processed and assembled with strategies that resemble some kind of ambient orchestration rather than stricter concrete music. There's a lot of composition behind these tracks. Take my favourite one, ".errum": sources are "air vent on a 73 bus, malfunctioning gas heater, feedback, escalator at Pimlico tube station" – the result is a massive work with tribal metal clattering, a tranquil droning passage, and a crescendo of tweaks becoming an ear-numbing noise storm. A similar pattern is used in ".mmeru", which is "air vent in a red austin mini, wind whistling through a 3rd storey window, air vent on a 73 bus" turning into a hypnotic series of loops. At times the feel is almost ritual, like in the percussive sounds and echoes in ".rumme". There are some minor defects (like a cut&paste feel in some passages, where one can sense the gaps between loops) and some arguable choices (I think the 1st track is a tad too long – 25' -, though the loop is pleasant in itself), but this is a truly great work which shows creative genius and good taste in composition.


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