Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: PTSMC (Pine Tree State Mind Control) (@)
Title: Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy
Format: CD
Label: Voidstar Productions (@)
Rated: *****
Pine Tree State Mind Control is obviously a pretty outspoken and political band, or as they call themselves, part cult, part corporation, part social experiment. Fifth in the "Transmission" series, PTSMC are back with their sixth CD of experimental industrial noise. Recorded partly in Sweden and partly in the US (Rhode Island), "Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy" is a collection of twelve tunes aimed at criticizing the concept of individuality (more about this in the booklet's notes). Repetitive, harsh, rhythmical and less rhythmically-oriented material will make your ear bleed and your mind wander off, getting ready to absorb all the hidden (but openly stated) messages that every track carries with it (buy their merchandise, get a job -that's sort of unexpected for a band like this, probably more on the irony/oxymoron side of things-, stop dressing goth-style, don't be rude, be happy and other messages along those lines). The band will again be participating in the three-day Providence noise Fest ( Out July 9th.


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