Thursday, July 9, 2020
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I ME MINE: Politisch Verdachtig

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Artist: I ME MINE
Title: Politisch Verdachtig
Format: CD
Label: DAC Productions (@)
Distributor: DEAF American / EU '91 / Napalmed / Deliria / etc.
If you like sick sounds this I Me Mine's CD is your occasion to feel insanity, because it gathers extreme noise industrial sounds and Belorussian folk elements. The seven tracks contained into POLITISCH VERDACHTIG are collages of random industrial sounds with some distorted rhythms here and there: something which could prove your senses, expecially the twenty one minutes of "Moving Away" with its sounds deconstruction which really proved my listening. I don't mean that this Dreaming About Cannibalism release is a bad one but for sure it isn't easy to enjoy. If you like noisy anarchic extravaganzas try this...


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