Tuesday, August 4, 2020
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Artist: Robert Lloyd Anderson (@)
Title: Idolitry
Format: CD
Label: Best Boy Music (@)
Distributor: Latex Records

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Dark, Ambient electronic mood music. This first release by Anderson instantly takes the listener on a journey into a realm of the dark unknown. Combining elements of Ambient, Industrial and various eclectic and experimental self contrived electronic audio structures and even utilizes some tribal elements.

If you like music like Patrick O'hearn's album Indigo then you will love Robert Anderson's work as this is the closest comparison I could possibly make to this album.

You will find some New Age elements prevalent on some pieces while others are more tribal or industrial sounding. This is definitely great mood music for whatever purpose; meditating, message, trance, sexual intercourse, etc. The sounds are so originally constructed that they create a virtual landscape for the mind to contemplate, dark though it may be. The themes may even instill fear in some more timid listeners but will sound ethereally beautiful for those who enjoy a darker shade of life.

These compositions are originally composed and intended it seems for BDSM and other similar adult play.


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