Monday, August 3, 2020
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Title: Soul Rift
Format: CD
Label: Apirihc
After three years the release of his second album "Stitches" Hijinio Reinoso Jr. is back with his personal project: Masochist Halo. Anticipated by the single "Diamond" (which contains four versions of that song) the album SOUL RIFT refine what was left with the previous album. Being a personal project Masochist Halo always incarnated his personal views and humors and tracks like "Lies Despies Lies" (an excerpt of the lyrics say: "I hate you because you're a fucking bitch. You make all the angels crawl, You make all the angels fall...") or "Don't Mix Too Fine" mix rage with melody and electronic arrangements. The distorted guitars, Hijinio's vivid vocals and the dark synthpop atmospheres make of this SOUL RIFT his best record. Also ballads like "Synthesize My Love" with Hillary Bernstein's vocals and "Backlash" are sweet and bitter at the same time and show Masochist Halo's multi faceted personality. If you're searching for something intense and real give a try to this CD.


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