Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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BIO-TEK: The Ceremony Of Innocence

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Artist: BIO-TEK (@)
Title: The Ceremony Of Innocence
Format: CD
Label: Doppler Effect (@)
The work of Jonathan Sharp is divided into different projects and since early 90's he's spreading his vision of electronic body music through his various personal emanations: New Mind, Bio-Tek, Hyperdex-1-Sect, Hexedene and Takshaka are all different aspects of his personal music view. This THE CEREMONY OF INNOCENCE is the fourth Bio-Tek's album, the second released for Doppler Effect (the first two albums "A God Ignored Is A Demon Born" and "Darkness By Name Is" were released for the now defunct Zoth Ommog) and contains ten tracks of classic e.b.m. music. As for every kind of record which fit a specific genre there's the danger to follow a cliche but since Jonathan isn't a new comer he succeeds in keeping an high standard performing fiftythree minutes of good electronic distorted music inspired by twisted personalities such as Baudelaire (the "Sorrows Of The Moon"'s lirycs come from the poem "Tristesses De La Lune") and Aleister Crowley ("Prayer"'s lyrics are adapted from his "Gnostic Anthem").


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