Monday, August 3, 2020
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SMP: Hacked

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Artist: SMP (@)
Title: Hacked
Format: CD
Label: Invisible
Sounds of Mass Production's new release is a remixes album. After their third album they swithched label from ADSR to Invisible Records (Martin "PIL, Killing Joke, Pigface" Atkins' label) which re-released "Terminal" (just check the old reviews database) along with this new HACKED. The sound of the band which on the last album was basically a sequenced bass line with samples, synthesizer, guitar, drums and angry vocals (that sometimes have got the hip hop cadence) is slighty different in this remixes album as the various bands didn't use guitars but concentrated mainly on the dancefloor potential of the songs. So the various versions of "Chemicals", "September" and "Megaton" (which are the three tracks that have been remixed mostly with two, six and three versions) had every rhythmical and melodic aspect exploited and explored by bands such as Mindless Faith, Vers, Doll Factory, Akuma & Reverb, Codec, etc. The sixteen songs sound all fresh and energetic and various. It's amazing to notice the efforts that each band did to give a new life to the tracks and I appreciated that. You know that generally I don't like remix CDs but this is worth the purchase.


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