Thursday, July 16, 2020
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Title: Fragile
Format: CD
Label: Neus318 (@)
Distributor: C.U.E. Records
Rated: *****
I know absolutely nothing about Marufura Fufunjiru, except that this cdr is released by Kazuya Ishigami's Neus318 - but what a nice surprise it is. Fufunjiru's music is a moody, solemn flux of ominous droning frequencies and soft digital ashes, at times nearly silent, at others building up menacing walls of sound (though not with a brutal harsh noise aesthetic). As this music is obviously nothing new or unheard by now, Fufunjiru's strength lies in his taste and in the care for every single sound particle - there's a lot of discipline behind these free-flowing sonic clusters. I can't compare it to anyone in particular, but an artist who has experimented with a similar drones+glitches sound is Cordell Klier; but you can also think of a mix of performers as diverse as Lull, Asmus Tietchens, Akira Rabelais and Mika Vainio (circa "Onko"). A truly enjoyable release, with a definite emotional impact: glass is fragile, but it can cut deep.


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