Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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LIMBO: Compendium: The Light Fall

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Artist: LIMBO
Title: Compendium: The Light Fall
Format: CD
Label: Cursed Land (@)
Distributor: Masterpiece Distribution
Rated: *****
COMPENDIUM: THE LIGHT FALL is the last chapter of one of the oldest (in sense of years of activity) electronic Italian bands. In fact, Limbo born in February 1984 and after twenty years of activity (even if, to tell the truth, we could say that Limbo stopped the activities on 2001, when they did their last concert), Gianluca Becuzzi decided that it was time to close this chapter to focus his efforts only on his new project: Kinetix. COMPENDIUM: THE LIGHT FALL is the last part of the MILLENIUM trilogy and the first two parts were: "Continuum: The fire front" and "Cospiratorium : The ice line". On the first one Limbo covered classic tracks of the electronic/industrial scene fathers, like Kraftwerk, DAF or Throbbing Gristle, while on the second one Limbo covered tracks of Italian bands such as Kirlian Camera, Kebabtraume or L.I.N. and they were helped by different members of the covered bands. This third release is focused only on the band's material and it's a sort of sum of what they did. Be aware that this isn't a simple compilation, because each song has been remixed or revisited, but always starting from the original sound, so this isn't something similar to "Hell's Gate Vision (1986/1996 A Total Revision)" where the tracks have been totally revisited and played. The first fourteen tracks span their career starting from their first demo (too bad they hadn't a decent copy of it, because along with their first MLP it's my favourite Limbo release!) arriving to "Inter Uterum Et Loculum (L'amour Sadique)" picked up from their latest real studio album "L'Etre Et Le Néant" (their weakest release, in my opinion). The period that has been better covered is the one that include the first four albums: "My Whip Your Flesh", "Our Mary Of Cancer", Vox Insana" and "Evirazione Totemica Seriale". Most of those tracks were produced by Paolo Favati and maybe they are the most representative tracks of what the real spirit of the band was. The new version of the tracks is really intriguing and generally they acquired power and energy. Especially on tracks like "Libido Mater Nostra", the following "Dein Gott Ist Tot" and "Magic Bathory" you can check what I mean. Tracks fifteen to seventeen are revisited or live version of songs coming from the previous two "Continuum" and "Cospiratorium" releases. The last song "Madre, Chiesa, Libido" is the real latest band's studio track. It's a medley that gathers together: "Libido Mater Nostra", "Thee Pack", "Mater Libido", "Control Sex, Technology" and "Madre Chiesa, Clinica". It's a pity that Limbo career should end without the release of a real compilation (maybe in the future?) and that their very first releases will be inaccessible to most of their fans but for the moment feel the taste of this good release and wait for Kinetix. So long, Limbo!


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