Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Artist: Censor (@)
Title: Empire Holds Down
Format: CD
Label: Hive (@)
Rated: *****
I am now used to the fact that Hive is synonimous with quality, so I have no fear and no doubts when popping in one of their releases, knowing I will be dealing with some kick ass dark-electro-drum'n'bass band. And so it is. Censor spring out from the NYC metropolitan area and carry their urban heritage around with them proudly. What once used to be an exciting underground club scene with pioneers of the bad and nasty live drum'n'bass movement, such as Jojo Mayer, is now (unfortunately) only a network of people making great music out of their bedrooms and occasionally throwing a great party in some club... Censor is probably among these people, as he spits out industrial-breakcore like a machine gun. His dynamic and altering mixture of dark, powernoise, drum'n'bass, electronics and industrial is viscious and infectious. The entire album has an extremely fast pace, which adds to the overall excitment and aggressive impact. This is a truly a small gemm of its kind and in its genre, where all elements work together towards a unique pumping blend of powerful music, explosive like nitro!


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