Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Magazine/Fanzine: Comatose Rose #9 (@)
Issue Date: April 2004
Format: Print (b/w)
Rated: *****
Canada's pretty much 'only dark culture magazine' (as they describe themselves)Comatose Rose (whose editor we've interviewed a while ago) reached issue #9 and holds down the fort really strong! This Spring the cover is for Suicide Commando. Inside you'll find interviews with: Lacuna Coil, Pride & Fall, Cruxshadows, Opeth, Psyche, M3N7A7, Suicide Commando, Regenerator, Dependent records, Dj Frigid's Kink!, Envy is Blind, Dj Leslie, Final Selection, Droom, Midnight Syndicate. Also a Canadian scene report and lots of news and columns and concert reviews from the local scenes of Toronto and Montreal. What captured my attention and I found very interesting and deserving is that this 'zine steps out of the format by giving more space to non-musical but related things. You'll find columns about rising fashion star Plastik Wrap. Also interviews with Writhe and Shine and Toxic Toons comic strip artists and designers Jason Beam. Issue #10 just came out a few days ago, by the way. Definitely and intersting magazine worth discovering. I always said Canada's cool! ;-)