Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Magazine/Fanzine: MusicWerks #2 (@)
Issue Date: April 2004
Format: Print (b/w)
Publisher: MusicWerks/ADSR
Rated: *****
Seattle, Washington based ADSR run MusicWerks Magazine's 2nd issue starts out with a short introduction about piracy and illegal copying of CDs and dedicates the issue to interviews with some of the hottest artists of the moment, including: State of the Union, Unter Null, Static Engine, Psychobitch (who is also the hot babe on the front cover), Databomb, Converter, Manufactura, Decoded Feedback, VoiceIndustrie, Common Dream, Dope Stars Inc., Idiot Stare, Negative Format, Conspiracy, Noxious Emotion (finally, the ones who started it all in Seattle! the Kings of the grunge-city EBM scene!), SMP, Final Selection, Futter, CyrusRex, Navicon Torture Technologies. Of course there are always plenty of ads and reviews. By the way, if some of you out there remember the early issues of Chain D.L.K. and used to complain about the small font size we used, check out MusicWerks and their reviews section especially, but go get your glasses first! ;-)