Thursday, May 28, 2020
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Title: Immaterial 2
Format: CD
Label: Death Paradise
Rated: *****
Brand new release from this Italian musical/political collective. Music: this is by far one of the best rhythmic glitch electronic releases I've EVER heard. Totally influenced by Noto/Raster Noton, Ikeda and Pan Sonic, but at times, I swear, better than them. Microscopic pin-like beats, fat basses, subterrean drones, structured digital debris - all with that scary, detached geometrical precision which, however, can eventually make you DANCE. Fantastic, breath-taking stuff. Politics: Death Paradise is a collective supporting DIY ethics, radical politics and veganism, read more about it in their website. Thumbs up for their stance, ok. What I find pretty funny (and this is mainly referred to reviewers) is establishing a strong link between their sound (which is absolutely NOT politically-oriented "per se") and their, say, manifestos (which are common ground in large part of the HC-punk community, for example) - but this is probably a logic reaction within the "educated electronic" circuit, where showing a political content is oh so radical and new.