Saturday, July 11, 2020
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AMON: Nona

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Artist: AMON (@)
Title: Nona
Format: CD EP
Label: Amplexus
Rated: *****
Amon is back after a long period of discographic silence, though Andrea Marutti's own AFE Records has surely become one of the best cdr labels around. "Nona" is an ep (released by Amplexus on two different formats, a mcd and a 10" vinyl, with different lengths and mixes) which puts Amon back on the map of the best dark ambient around. First it's just menacing low-end rumbles, slowly crawling and overlapping, then you recognize higher frequencies and metallic drones - all very scary and pitch-black, just like in the previous masterpiece "The Legacy", but with a second half which is more "cosmic" and less opressive, much as in Never Known's releases. Listen to this in the dark.


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