Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Title: Folie à deux
Format: CD EP
Label: Fin de Siècle/(inhospitable) (@)
Rated: *****
Two Swedish noisemakers for this split ep release. Des Esseintes (Magnus Sundstroem aka The Protagonist) offers a long and very well constructed track beginning with heavy throbbing synths à la Dagda Mor/Anenzephalia, then adding gregorian chants, then a crescendo of mechanical rhythms and epic keyboard patterns. A fine crossover between power electronics/industrial and bombastic militar music. The three tracks by Diskrepant/Per Ahlund, on the contrary, are a bit disappointing. Some screechy, mangled vocals, lots of feedbacks and some minimal ambient at the end of the third track, and not much more. It has an old school harsh noise feel which I can appreciate, but it's like feedback burst/short pause/feedback burst and that's gone. Track one is titled "Variety Unknown", which ironically pretty much sums it up. If this is "a perfect description of contemporary electronic music", as boasted in the press sheet (or is it ironic too?), I really do not know.


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