Saturday, June 6, 2020
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Magazine/Fanzine: Industrial Nation #19 (@)
Issue Date: January 2004
Format: Print (color)
Rated: *****
IndustrialnatioN is one of the biggest professional magazines of the genre. It's been around for years and managed to survive while all the other 'zines were fading away. Issue #19 is printed in 15'000 copies and includes interviews wth Juno Reactor, Delerium, VNV Nation, Iszoloscope, Tarmvred, Diverje, Psyclon_Nine, Terrorfakt, Grendel, Cut.Rate.Box, Soil Eclipse, Sickness, Slogun, Richard Devine, Bruderschaft, Cruxshadows, Matt Elliott, Dream Into Dust, Epsilon Minus, and Roger Karmanik from Brighter Death Now and Cold Meat Industry.It is very interesting that besides the artist features IN offers some actual articles/columns, such as the one about MP3 file sharing and a Dallas TX scene report. For those into goth fashion there's always thhe Livewire photo section and of course plenty of ads for new music.In addition to a bunch of reviews (with very interesting side-bars of music reviews dedicated to specific genres and written by different people for different genres), there are also reviews of DVDs, magazines and even a board game.In addition to all of this IndustrialnatioN is printed on heavy matte paper that makes it an all around pleasing experience, for the eyes and the touch... You can look at the thick colourful cover and the first 10 color glossy pages, but then you still have another 80 or so b/w pages of nice thick-feeling paper with loads of material to read and then go fetch and listen to...