Friday, June 5, 2020
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Magazine/Fanzine: Music Werks #19 (@)
Issue Date: January 2004
Format: Print (b/w)
Rated: *****
If I correctly recognize the email address of the people running this magazine, then this would be by the same people of the band Noxious Emotion, a great EBM band from Seattle who obviously has been very busy with their music store and other activities, such as MusicWerks, a professionally printed, b/w (with color cover) magazine that, in the words of the funny creator, "plans to fill the gap in the american side of fan-zines in the industrial-gothic-synthpop scene".This first issue made its debut in October '03 and includes big inteviews with Collide, Art+Phusch, Assemblage 23, System Syn, Babyland, Stromkern, Faith Assembly, Inertia, Aghast View, Epsilon Minus, Glis, DSBP, Ragdolly, Industrial Nation. Of course there are also reviews and many ads. The bonus is that everything you see you can buy at the store these guys run online and on location in Seattle, WA.