Friday, August 14, 2020
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SANdBLASTING: El Paso Sound-Wall

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Artist: SANdBLASTING (@)
Title: El Paso Sound-Wall
Format: CD
Label: +Belligeranza
Rated: *****
SANdBLASTING, from Turin, Italy, is back with a new album entitled "El Paso Sound-Wall", a noise CD on +Belligeranza records, a sub label of Sonic Belligeranza. This sonic terrorist's second release (after his 1999 "I am I" and his collaboration with Daniele Brusaschetto on "Scassatolive") is a concept album based on the sound manipulations originating from a live session (track one is the raw recordings all other tracks derived from). The "rmx" versions of the raw material explore the original frequency orgy from different angles, inserting rhythmical concepts, frequency modulations, filter sweeps, vari-speeding, cut-off tweakings, cut and pasted sound bits and so on. Harsh industrial noise blends with power noise, but the crossfading points are blurred. Only for true lovers of noise materia.


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