Friday, August 14, 2020
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Artist: Negative Flood Cycle (@)
Title: Prophet: Spider
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****

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Negative Flood Cycle are a duo from the Dallas, Texas area (Rowlett, to be specific) who debut with their "Prophet: Spider" CD EP to show the world and the community of their fans what they're all about. Mixing well produced electro-industrial music with aggressive and abrasive rock distortions and melodic vocals, NFC's sound follows the footsteps of the two major Nothing records artists and blend them in with Warpish breakcore and a germaniac wall of industrial sounds. Negative Flood Cycle sport a healthy anti-MTV and anti-media control attitude, but considering their glamourish and (to quote them) "pop (poop?)" friendly looks and sound, we'll have to see about that in the future (I bet they wouldn't mind being on heavy rotation on MTV, but then again I might be wrong and would love to be). Anyway, in the end pretty good sounding debut, I must say, with lots of nice ear candies in the remarkable production.You can get their EP for just nine bucks from their website or from the CD Baby link above.


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