Wednesday, August 5, 2020
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Artist: La Funcion De Repulsa (@)
Title: Cheapest Electronics at the Service of Destruction
Format: CD
Label: Genital Productions
Distributor: Noise Kontrol
Rated: *****
La Funcion De Repulsa is a group, backed by their Genital Productions art collective, from Mexico that has been around since 1986. After several years of silence they are back with a new album where electronics takes over and drives the style of the compositions as never before... Everything seems to be focused on rhythms and beats and the electronic aspect adds to that, in addition with the distorted vocals and occasional guitars, creating a weird mixture of industrial, breakcore, dub, electro, synth-core. This melange of styles, especially when they use vocals and guitars, makes them sounds like some italian electro-noise artists (think Brusaschetto, Nude, CP01 or others). Lyrics in Mexican and English.


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