Friday, June 5, 2020
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Magazine/Fanzine: Taladro #14 (@)
Issue Date: February 2004
Format: Print (color)
Rated: *****
Unfortunately my Spanish is only based on intuition and knowledge of italian, so I can pretty much only look at the pictures and read the titles here. Taladro magazine's fourteenth issue comes packed with live reports, interviews, articles, reviews, news etc with a nice graphic lay out, full color cover and b/w inside. Live reports of Ministry, Laurie Anderson, Human Drama; interviews with Nexus, Las Comadrejas, Pro Jekt, Guillermo Fadanelli (Mexican underground literature author), Rakit, Alex Chandon, Cradle of Fear, Alejandro Jodorowsky (book and comics author), Arizona,; fanzine reviews, book reviews, news, music reviews; a very useful contacts list and more...Very well done and seemingly interesting magazine. They also have a radio station.The CD comes with a CD compilation enclosed featuring some of the bands interviewed. For a complete review of the CD please check out the Dark section of the reviews section.