Saturday, July 4, 2020
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Manufactura: Precognitive Dissonance

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Artist: Manufactura
Title: Precognitive Dissonance
Format: CD
Label: Hive
Rated: *****
This is Manufactura's second album, and its first on Hive. It is a split release with Manufactura's own label(along with Scott from Converter), Aurical media.

Featuring a Aghast Veiw remix, and additional work from both Daniel Myer(haujobb, cleen, ect), and Scott Sturgis( converter, Pain Station) This cd varies greatly over its length.

What it does seem to be is consistent on a heavy bass sound. Moving from heavy rythmic noise, to vocal driven moments of noisy ebm, and decent moments of synth driven ambient soundscapes. Musicaly well produced, my only gripe is the samples at the begining of some of the songs. seems like they are a little out of place, or even ruin certain songs. Listeing to a girl scream tends to turn me off, since it seems like an old hat, due to the prevelant amount of American Pe that uses it.
All in all though this cd is highley recomended, and I am looking forward to the next installment, and a live preformance.


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