Saturday, July 11, 2020
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Artist: EX NIHILO (@)
Title: Pentagone Explosion / Une Société De Tetes Mortes
Format: 2 x CD (double CD)
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
The new Ex Nihilo release is a double CD. The first one is titled "Pentagone Explosion" and has got eighteen new tracks while the second one has got fifteen tracks of remixes and covers. At a first listening the thing that pop up immediately is the fact that Ex Nihilo music is changing and unfortunately I still prefer the first two CDs Laine did. On the new tracks you can find simil techno rhythms with some synth pads. "Le leurs Mortes", for example, is a good one with a good atmosphere but suddenly the rhythm starts to increase until you listen only a tremble and vocals become a reverbered rant and I find this ruins everything. Also the following track, "Rien", is based on goth atmospheres and techno rhythms while "Orgasmatron" (the fifth track) has got the old good Ex Nihilo moments only that sometimes sounds doesn't match and the different rhythmical tracks are out of synch and this is too bad as Laine is good at creating sick and powerful atmospheres. Each track has got good moments: "Decharge (Radio Version)", for example, could be a good goth ebm track. It's highly probable that these tracks with a better production would be a blast, but right now they seem nothing but demos. Tracks like "Schizo" or "The Conjurer" are similar to the old Ex Nihilo and I think they work better: pumping rhythms, epical synthetic sounds and dark atmospheres. It seems that half of the tracks has got this "techno fever" and they went out of Laine's hands while the remaining ones have got a better structure. It seems that in this period he's listening to Hocico along with techno and he'd like to melt them together ("Penta" for example remember me the instrumental tracks of the Mexican duo). The second CD of remixes and covers revisit the old tracks under the new band's style and contains also tracks of Rauwolfia remixed by Ex Nihilo. Strangely enough it seems that Laine took more care releasing "Une Société De Tetes Mortes" than the CD containing the new tracks: the tracks sound better and they give to the listener a sense of finality even if they would need sometimes a better production as well and this is odd.


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