Wednesday, July 8, 2020
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Butterfly Messiah: Eternal

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Artist: Butterfly Messiah (@)
Title: Eternal
Format: CDS (CD Single)
Label: The Fossil Dungeon (@)
Rated: *****

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I continue to be intrigued as I watch the talents of Robert, Shannon, and friends. From the first time I heard Butterfly Messiah I knew they had a latent talent that would grow in time to be a force worth reckoning. While Priestess got them a bit of international acclaim, their new release Eternal positions them right alongside some of the top talents of today. Their new album combines Shannon's 'ethereal' vocals with Robert's new upscaled EBM-styled Darkwave. This is quite a jump from previous works but the likes of which was seen on the DJ Program.01 digipak released September of 2002 on their label The Fossil Dungeon. Fans of the band's more esoteric side will also NOT be let down either. This disc is full of mindful wisdom from the well of consciousness. Neo-pagans will take easy note of "The Circle" but I think one of my favorites has to be "Falling Stars". Butterfly creates an easy fusion of esoteric concepts with various music styles including EBM, Darkwave, Neo-Classical, Ethereal, Synthpop, Trip Hop, Wave, Medieval etc.. and are a band definitely worth a 'continued watchful eye'! Also, one can tell that Butterfly Messiah is a project that appreciates it's fans as the CD package is full of band photos, lyrics, etc., something too many artists skimp on these days. While it's understandable that we all have tight budgets Butterfly Messiah & The Fossil Dungeon always do their best to create merchandise packages well worth buying. This is what all those MP3 traders are missing out on - the true ART of the entire conceptual realization of 'the work' as opposed to just non-visual electronic media files. I've always been one to love holding the CD in my hand and reading the lyrics with the CD and/or viewing the inlay artwork, photos, and/or graphics. This is definitely one of the best releases I've seen this year so far!


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