Friday, August 7, 2020
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Artist: Eric Shans
Title: Liquid Time
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: 3Bridge Elements
Liquid Time is a new 3-track downtempo-near-ambient EP from Eric Shans, whose album as Fermion is excitingly just around the corner, and it serves as a bit of a warm-up- or calling it a warm-down is perhaps more appropriate, as its very much the epitome of chill out. In Hole Heart some well balanced happy-sad chords loop over the gradual introduction of a slow single note bass, tinkling piano and atmospherics that gradually step away to reveal some nicely arranged low synth strings. Its deceptively simple, but beautifully done. The reverb-laden guitar of Ethereal Liquid is a little more songwriter-y, a nearly conventional ballad sound backed with piano and more string-pad chords, and it plays quite oddly next to a near-constant bubbling environmental sound. Theres a slight risk that this one will send some listeners to the toilet. Final track Broken Curve, with its delay-covered harp sounds, bleepy noises and synth-choir, feels somehow much more of a throwback piece that channels the spirit of 90s balearic, wistful and open-air yet synthetic, a classic rave comedown sort of vibe. This is the track which most obviously indicates that 3Bridge Elements is a downtempo sister label to the more club-orientated 3Bridge. Stick the right beat and bassline under this and youd have an undiscovered 1996-ish hands in the air trance track on your hands. Some interesting coarser sounds that feel slightly akin to distant radio broadcasts give a little extra texture in the second half. Its a picturesque three pack of feel-good, downtempo instrumental pieces from a prolific and reliable source.


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