Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Suture (@)
Title: Acts
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
As I began writing up my reviews for the most recent offerings from Inner Demons, I noticed that Dan Fox has managed to curate quite the international set of musicians. In this case, Suture hails from Italy, which has a long tradition of noise and experimental music (Luigi Russolo, the O.G. of noise music comes immediately to mind). Suture stands on the shoulders of giants and manages to live up to this legacy. Now let’s get into the music.

“2..” kicks it all off with low, quiet, rumbling wind noise interspersed with samples of distorted voice seemingly taken from a shortwave radio. “3…” is more shortwave in different languages (I think I recognized some Spanish in there) and bits of quiet noise, and the sounds of sonar. Half way through, it becomes a bit more musical, but this is the sounds of a carnival on mescaline, only to go right back to disjointed tones and noises. Everything shifts over and over. I really like this. Ear-piercing high pitched tones with bits of crackling static open “6……” up. Wow - this is not one for headphones. Learn from my pain. “7……..” is harsh rumbling noise, like the sound of riding in a metal subway car right over the engine. “8………” has pulsing tones that later reveal more radio noise beneath that slowly takes over and comes to the forefront. Suddenly, it is all over and you are keenly aware of the silence that is left in its wake.

This is great stuff. There is a lot going on here and Suture throws everything at you. This is the kind of music that keeps you guessing, as it suddenly shifts without warning. If you like noisy experimental music, this is one to get. Really well done.



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