Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: This Is What I Hear When You Talk
Title: Untitled (IN072D)
Format: 3" MiniCD
Label: Inner Demons Records
Rated: *****
This Is What I Hear When You Talk is the harsh noise wall project of Dan Fox, the man behind the Inner Demons label. He has been pretty busy lately with this, and sent several of his recent releases in this batch to review. This is a 2xCD3 set that consists of 4 tracks of 11 minutes each. Let’s dive in and see what he hears when you talk this time. “I” is rhythmic, crunchy noise. It's almost like there is a synth line keeping the beat, because it is almost musical. Keeps it interesting. “II” is a nice crackling, squeaking, and rumbling wall of noise. This is the sound of a factory burning down with the machines still running inside. “III” is a dark, droning synth composition. Heavy and ominous. This is really good. Not what I expected from this project, but it works with the other tracks. “IV” brings it to a close with more synth drone, this time with a grittier edge and a vaguely martial feel from the drum beat buried beneath the drone. This would be right at home alongside some of the noisy dark ambient offerings from Cyclic Law or Malignant. This is also really good drone. Overall, this is some of the best work I have heard from this project. Think of it as having a harsh noise disc and a dark noise disc. For me the standout was disc 2, but both are worth checking out. This set weighs in at 44 minutes and is limited to 42 copies.



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