Monday, July 6, 2020
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Artist: t. r. hand & The Glove of Bones
Title: The Fifth Sun
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Submarine Broadcasting Company

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This new 5 track EP from Adrian Nicholls' project Glove Of Bones is a tricky melange of samples, basslines, dubby lo-fi hip hop beats, structured ambience and concept.
The semi-naive colourful cover art indicates the surprisingly optimistic mood in midst the chaos of changes related to the year of the rat (as per the Chinese zodiac) as in "Hip Metal Rat", the Age of Aquarius and Aztec Myths on the circles of creation and recreation, hence the title track "Fifth Sun".
The current turmoil of events leaves no one entirely unaffected and here The Glove Of Bones with the aid of t.r. hand or vica versa steer through the waves of changes showing love, care, passion and the will to find the positive aspects and possibilities. Detailed soundwork, well crafted rhythm constructions and layers of well used samples without getting lost in the abstract.

I currently hardly make a day without listening to this at least once (26 Minutes total length is not too long here), especially as the concluding track "Cusp" tops it off with a beautiful hypnotic sequence paired with a women narrator and an unusual delayed upbeat which qualifies to me as one of the highlights of this year.



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