Sunday, July 12, 2020
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Artist: Marat Mode & The Look feat. Eleanora
Title: Endless
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: Alpha Black
Endless is a deep house track built on a recipe that’s very familiar, but which still has power. The approach of drifty female vocals over steady, soft-synth-bassed house stepping has been done a hundred times, and examples like “My Head Is A Jungle” can’t be far from mind when listening. But, thanks to a emotive vocal performance and a fairly catchy melody, it does still work, and still feels relevant to the current lockdown ennui even though nobody will be dancing to it any time soon.

The extended mix sets the tone first, and the three remixes are fairly faithful to it, changing sounds and tweaking tones but generally keeping the song structure and overall casual vibe intact. The M.E.M.O. mix is based on slightly harder percussion and sharper, more acidic sounds, while the Odagled remix has a clappier, almost U.S. tribal house vibe to it and lets the chord atmospherics loop around a bit more freely. But frankly, more casual listeners might struggle to spot any key differences, and the two mixes would vie for the same spot in a DJ set.

Of the remix bundle, it’s the Juanjo Tur mix that works best for me- a slightly bouncier bassline and more stripped-back approach lets the melancholy of the chords cut through, playing nicely against a slightly crisper rhythm.

It’s a strong original track, with a nice mood to it, but a bit more remix variety and some changes in energy level would have given this a boost.


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