Wednesday, July 15, 2020
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Artist: Patrick Shiroishi / Arturo Ibarra
Title: LA Blues
Format: Tape
Label: Eh? (@)
Rated: *****

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I received several tapes from the label Eh? which is a side label of Public Eyesore. I have been familiar with Public Eyesore for a while now and was pleased to check out some of what they were sending my way. This tape is a duo of Patrick Shiroishi & Arturo Ibarra. Patrick Shiroishi is a Free Jazz saxophone player who also performs in several groups. I was not familiar with his work before this release but it does remind me of a bit of John Zorn at times. Arturo Ybarra spelled on this release Arturo Ibarra is also someone I was not familiar with previously, he is listed on Discogs as a Guitarist from Mexico. This is currently the only release he is listed on as the main member. He has contributed to several other rock albums over the years it seems.

The liner notes state that this release is loosely inspired by the forms of Japanese Guitarist Masayuki Takayanagi who performed as part of the New Direction Unit. LA Blues is the title of this album two tracks "Projection 8" and "Projection 58" are considered mass projections which are fairly chaotic, while "Projection 14" and "Projection 3" are considered gradual projections and build into chaos slowly.

Overall, I would recommend this release to anyone who enjoys this type of "free" or "psych" jazz music. It is well composed and for sure a great addition to any collection!



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