Monday, August 3, 2020
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Artist: Yonic South
Title: Twix & Dive
Format: Download Only (MP3 + Lossless)
Label: La Tempesta Dischi
Italian ‘garage punk agitators’ Yonic South are back after last year’s debut, offering up another four tracks of lo-fi, grungy but also experimental noisepunk with a classic homemade feel and vigour.

Tracks like “Tell Me Why” and “On” are bold clashing and strumming workouts, with distorted vocals, and everything turned up to 11 for a burst of slightly poppy punk energy that has to be admired even if you can’t keep up with it.

Despite being a Manc by birth, I hate Oasis music, always have, so any cover version of an Oasis song has to do something amazing to impress me. “Rock & Roll Star” nails the whiny Liam Gallagher voice too well- and maybe nails it as more Scouse than you realised before- and the noise and chaos being infused here is nicely irreverent, in its way, but unfortunately it doesn’t quite work as an under-cut of the original. It’s the weak point for me.

As I write this review, Liverpool FC’s status as Premier League champions in the UK is waiting to be confirmed, and in the meantime the band have sampled legendary player Steven Gerrard’s departure speech and set it to slightly more subdued instrumental work that suggests that once this trio have got the anger out of their system, there’s more assured and controlled experimental stuff to follow.

The promo material for this EP describes the band’s love of gabber and hardcore techno, but it’s nowhere to be heard here- maybe they’re keeping that in their back pocket. It’s a band clearly still in their early days and still evolving, but who could be heading in interesting directions.


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