Wednesday, September 23, 2020
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Artist: Virtues & Failings (@)
Title: 3
Format: CD EP
Label: self-released
Rated: *****
Well here's an oddity, a Vancouver, BC band by the name of Virtues & Failings, and their third EP (in a planned series of four) simply titled '3'. It's slightly experimental post-punk rock with a bit of a dark edge sounding a little like Pere Ubu's David Thomas fronting Joy Division. "Hero" will surely take you back to the earliest '80s when there was still room for experimental pop before it all turned so MTV commercial. It's a strong track with a thunderous beat and spot-on execution. Although I can't make out most of the words, "Unrest" has a pretty catchy chorus. If there's anything on this EP that has any commercial potential, it has to be "The Crawl," a song that seems to hit all the right chord changes. Last track "Tell Me" is a slow moving, moody atmospheric piece with no percussion that just hangs in the air like smoke, and just under two minutes too. This is a very brief EP at around twelve minutes total which certainly doesn't wear out its welcome. Although they say they recorded this in their basement, I hope that isn't where Virtues & Failings isn't planning to stay. This stuff was meant to be played live, and although there's little chance of that happening right now, I definitely hope they plan to in the future.


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